Product Spotlight

Bubble Bum Booster Seat

Lugging around a car seat (or several if you have multiple small children) can be a hassle when traveling. Not only does it add to the already excessive amount of stuff you carry, but it makes even a short trip an unnecessary ordeal. I solved this problem by using the Bubble Bum Booster Seat. This inflatable, portable car seat blows up quickly with a few breaths and then deflates rapidly when you are finished. It’s use ensures that the seat belt is positioned correctly across your child’s chest with an adjustable clip. The Bubble Bum comes with a small bag for storage and is very lightweight. I have found it extremely useful when riding in a taxi or on a day trip while abroad. It can even be used for a carpool or as an extra car seat to have around. The specs indicate it’s best to use for children ages 4-11 and between 40-100 lbs. but I have used it for my younger child too. Any product that helps to make a trip with my kids less stressful is worth the cost- in this case about $25. Happy travels!




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