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A Run Through Rome




An early morning run through Rome; the city is calm and the air is cool. The costumed gladiators have yet to populate the square, posing for excited tourists. Absent are the venders aggressively peddling selfie sticks and cheap wares. I run past the Colosseum, in awe of its ancient architecture and legacy. I head towards Circus Maximus, once home to brutal and fast chariot races, where Romans gathered to cheer on their favorite. I am grateful to Cesear for placing drinking fountains throughout the city, believing that all Romans should have access to clean, running water. This is how I like to travel: how I like to see a city. As I head back to get ready for the day, I exchange a knowing glance from a fellow runner. When in Rome…I muse.





For those of you interested in running through Rome, here is the 3 mile path I took.

Start at the Colosseum, run under Constantine’s Arch, then down the road to Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo). Since Circus Maximus is one big loop (less than 1 mile around), you can get some easy miles there. If you are doing a long run, head up to Villa Borghese Gardens. There are paved, pedestrian only paths and lush gardens. Rome is a beautiful city to run through.


Map of rome








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