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Product Spotlight- Triple Play Sit n Stroll Car Seat Stroller

Imagine this: You intended to leave the house much earlier but (insert:  lost shoe, favorite stuffed animal missing, flat tire, emergency diaper change, etc.) put you behind. The clock is ticking. Your departure time is rapidly approaching. You quickly strap the baby into the car seat and secure it with the seat belt. You rush to the airport. Hopefully you’ll make it. You park, unbuckle the seat belt and pull the car seat out of the car. With a squeeze of the handle and a pull of a lever, your car seat has become a stroller. No need to fuss with moving the baby or lugging around more equipment. You are pushing the baby and pulling your luggage behind you. Check-in goes smoothly. Security requires the stroller be put through scanner. No big deal. With the baby on your hip, you squeeze the lever and collapse the stroller. It’s a car seat again. You breeze through and head to the gate, baby back in the stroller. You are on the plane. You disregard the look of dread on the other passengers’ faces. They are hoping you won’t sit near them. You find your seat and collapse the stroller one last time, fasten the seat belt across car seat, and take a deep breath. Your baby is asleep. The woman next to you gives you a warm smile. This will be a good flight.

The Triple Play 4003BT – Sit and Stroll Car Seat Stroller will change the way you travel with a small child. No need to drag around a bulky car seat and stroller. It’s both. It can even be used as a high chair in a pinch. The wheels contract and fit into the body of the seat, making it into a true car seat that is FAA approved. It fits perfectly into an airplane seat and can be secured with the belt extension attachment provided by a flight attendant. It is a must have for the frequent traveler.

A new Triple Play can be hundreds of dollars! Looking for a cheaper option? Search for them on eBay or craigslist! I bought mine used for a fraction of the cost.

Reality Check:

This product has held up well, even with years of use. That being said, it is not designed for extensive use on cobblestone streets or any non paved path. I have done both and really tested its durability. Closing it requires a bit more effort than it used to and the wheels are now warped, but I am still very happy with this product and fully recommend it.


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